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For the past two decades, ParaWest and our employees have supported numerous community and international charitable organizations and causes both financially and through direct participation and involvement by our employees and partners as volunteers.


We believe we have been Blessed, and we are thankful to be able to pass theses blessings on to others!


From Phoenix and Houston to Africa, ParaWest has reached out, helping and supporting worthy causes. Following are a few that are close to our hearts.


  • Hurricane and Flood Relief

  • After-School and Back-to-School Programs for Disadvantaged Children

  • Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention

  • Down Syndrome Awareness and Celebration of Individual Accomplishments

  • Summer Camps for Disadvantaged Children

  • Children Living in a Zambian Orphanage

  • Water Wells, Medical Assistance and Schools in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • and Many, Many more.


One of our most memorable outreach efforts followed the devastating Hurricane Harvey which displaced so many families in the Houston area. Here’s a brief account.

Hurricane Harvey’s tragic impact on Houston in 2017 created numerous opportunities to serve our neighbors.

Parawest employees came together to prepare over 150 care packages. The packages contained food, water, personal hygiene, toiletry products and baby products. The infant packs came with unopened diaper and wipe packs, formula milk cans, dry rice cereal, and Gerber food containers. The ParaWest team decided to take the donations to the neighborhoods hit the hardest, and distributed to families and individuals who didn’t go to a shelter for assistance.


The following week, the ParaWest team focused on organizing and sorting clothes by gender and size for men, woman, children, and infants. Parawest employees and one of our preferred vendors spent most of the morning sorting over 50 filled bags of clothes. The plan was to set up a couple of tables in a centralized location within an effected neighborhood and spread the word by knocking on front doors. The tables of clothing were set out along with cases of water. Little did we know, the need and desire for clothes in the affected area was far beyond what we thought. The word spread and in the first two hours all of the clothes had been taken by families in need.


After reaching out to our managed communities not affected and some of our vendors, the ParaWest team received numerous donations of all kinds. Like the first go around, employees assembled the different items into 200+ packages and loaded them in the back of several pickup trucks and SUV’s. Team members then drove around an affected neighborhood and distributed them to families in need.


Lastly, the ParaWest Team learned that the Houston Food Bank needed help sorting the tremendous volume of donations that were coming in. In response, our Parawest volunteers went to the Houston Food Bank and sorted food in 4-hour shifts.


Our Hurricane Harvey relief assistance is just one story of so many that we have with the ParaWest Family.

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